Motivating Learners Using Creative Activities

Creativity1Have you ever stopped to think about the role creativity plays in our lives? Isn’t creativity a fundamental tool as a survival strategy? How many times have you used your creativity to get out of difficult situations or come up with solutions to immediate problem?

Creativity is a naturally ingrained trait we have-a force that builds up our individual development. It enriches both the quality of our life, as well as the process of learning.

Creativity plays an essential role in any learning process, and as teachers we should encourage learners to explore the English language through creative activities. Not only does it heighten the development of a student, it is also fundamental for the personal development and fulfilment of a teacher.

Why are creative ideas an important part of teaching?

Encouraging learners to explore a language through creative activities will provide them with the necessary tools to produce words and sentences more efficiently. When learners are at their first attempts, using compensation strategies, such as miming, drawing and paraphrasing, allows for imaginative strategies which compensate for the lack of language skills.

Learners need to have an objective when learning a language. It is important for them to be able to visualize a purpose, outcome and product of their work. Creativity is the perfect way to achieve this-a means by which they can express their language use. The more challenging a task is, the more motivated learners will be. Creativity also goes hand in hand with self-esteem, for learners can visualize their final product and relate to it as a progression in their learning.

Group Creativity

Creativity is also important as a group task, rendering activities more enjoyable and allowing learners to try out multiple activities, giving free thought to individual talents and ideas. Unfortunately, nowadays education tends to stifle the creative aspect of learning, with the obsession towards objectives, forgetting that there are other wider aims when learning. The focus is directed to testing of progression and achievement of marks and exams, leaving little space to creative and balance of individual learners.

It is therefore important to promote a more balanced and creative environment if, as teachers we wish to bring out the creativeness in all learners and establish a more positive class environment. Everyone is creative in different ways, and it is this creativeness that will lead to a better quality in the learning and attainment of a new language.

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