How to Outsmart Your Pet Dog

Don’t Forget Your Dog is Your Best Friend Whatever he gets up to. However, at times, it’s pretty hard to keep up with his mischief…

Here are 10 suggestions for dog owners who want to stay alert and zen.Gandalf and panda

1. If you want letters in your mailbox, make sure your dog is inside when the postman does his rounds…
2. When you need your other flip-flop head to the back of the garden and look for a fresh mound of earth. That’s where you’ll find it.
3. Do not give in to your pet’s sulky expression, remind him that his feeding time is still an hour away.
4. When you can’t find sock number two, check your dog’s poops.
5. Watch where you tread when in the garden, you might just fall into a pit!
6. Hang your underwear very high up on the washing line.
7. Never leave your pet off the leash near a pond where ducks are sunbathing.
8. Hedgehogs and dogs are not compatible.
9. If you go swimming with your dog, make sure he gets out first if you don’t want to get wet again.
10. Make sure to keep the kitchen door closed at all times, it’s safer.


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