I’m Trying to be Creative Please Respect My Boundaries of Time and Space…

That’s what I have taped to the door of my study.

Why? Because I have three enthusiastic kids who, although are a great inspiration for my work, would never let me get a word on  paper or screen if I left free access.

Ideas for my stories come at odd moments,  so I’ve finally  succeeded to have a notepad and pen available everywhere I go.

I love running early in the morning on those rainy, warm autumn days, swimming in the ocean with the waves crashing around, and taking long walks with my camera looking for visual and narrative inspiration.

Enthusiastic, pensive and very disorganized, that’s me.


Sonia is the author of Young Adult and Child fiction, as well as short stories for children. She is also a professional freelance writer and member of writing groups such as Lehigh Valley International Writer’s Symposium,‘Generations Read Together’ and ‘scifigroup · Children’s Sci Fi & Fantasy Writers’.

She graduated from Kingsley College, Great Britain in 1982 and went on to specialize as a parliamentary translator at the ‘High School for Interpreters and Translators’ in Rome and later took a TEFL certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.

Sonia decided to start writing when she joined the airlines in 1988. Fascinated by the different cultures and landscapes, she started jotting down thoughts and the different adventures she experienced. Her camera was also her companion: “It helped me catch each situation and site, so I wouldn’t forget what I was living and feeling. It made it easier to reminisce for later work,” she says.

During these ten years she worked at her articles and stories about the places and people she visited during her travels worldwide. She has an eye for photography, notably portraits and landscapes.

After having travelled the world for over ten years, she stopped all professional activity for five years and plunged into the field of ‘motherhood’, with three children to look after.

“This new and unequaled experience as a mother, spurred me on to start some serious writing for children. As I watch my children play, squabble and laugh, I imagine the characters in my book doing just the same…”

After countless articles on Travel, Parenting, Fitness, Health, E-commerce and short stories, she has now finished writing ‘The Secret of Whistling Willow’, her first adventure novel for children and is working on a collection of short stories and a new Young adult novel, ‘On the Wings of Music’.

“Today I teach English in France and I really enjoy working with children and teenagers. I also tell my children, that no matter what career they wish to pursue, what counts is the passion they feel for what they do, all the rest is irrelevant.”


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