Short Stories for Children

Available on Pickatale

Available on Pickatale

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere tells the tale of Jacob, a young boy whose mommy is sick. Jacob wants to help, and ponders what he could do. After finally deciding he’s able to wash clothes, Jacob does the laundry in his own special way. Soon Jacob is covered in bubbles. When Jacob’s father finds him, what will he say? A telling story about a child’s good-hearted actions.




Gabriel and Nibbles

‘The Weird and Wonderful World of a Perfectly Normal Kid’ by Sonia Ferrigno Illustration by Susan Reader

Bad News

Jacob’s day starts with very bad news indeed…but he has a plan. However, the plan doesn’t go exactly the way he expected it would…

The Animal Garden … Extract

Jacob’s uncle has a strange collection of animals, and Jacob is about to discover an unsettling truth …

Catch of the Day… Extract

Jacob is on holiday with his sister Lilly when something amazing happens at the fishermen’s hall one Friday afternoon…

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