Young Adult Books

Certainties that derive from others are ephemeral, only those that originate from within remain.

(The Author)

On the Wings of Music


‘Michelle wanted to take her sister in her arms, tell her everything would be OK. But she couldn’t. Nothing would ever be the same. The few securities that had been her foothold since childhood had suddenly collapsed leaving her unarmed to face the inevitable.



cover imageOn The Wings Of Music 

Torn between her parents’ conflicting accusations, fifteen-year-old Michelle slips into an abyss of doubt, sinking deeper into the insecurities of her teenage years. Soon, she will have to let go of the few remaining certainties she thought would never falter. Her childhood home and friends. Finding solace in her music, she discovers there is more behind her talent than she expected…




Escape to the Unknown

“She gradually opened her eyes. There standing over her was a face barely visible in the now sombre light. But she recognised him immediately.”


Escape to the Unknown

The peaceful verdant landscape with its rolling hills and meadows are no solace for Michelle who has just escaped from hell into a land where she feels estranged and even more unsafe. Little does she know that here is where she will find the courage to reclaim her identity. Michelle plunges into her music to find the courage to go on and soon finds there is more than courage in her guitar.


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