On The Wings of Music

On the Wings of Music

Michelle’s world is shattered. One day she is a care-fee teenager with the ideal house and family, and the next she discovers it was all a stage set.

Reality hits hard as she falls involuntarily into the abyss of adulthood. Her father has violated her mother, and as denials, lies and accusations fly Michelle loses hold of those certainties she had once believed in. Has her mother really betrayed her own husband with another man? Or is her father trying to shroud this deplorable truth?

The father she thought she knew so well soon reveals himself to be far worse than anything Michelle could have ever imagined. The hypocrisy and sordidness of the adult world overwhelm her as she is confronted with what she is not yet ready for.

From France her mother escapes with them to England where Michelle has to deal with a turmoil of changes, her insecurities and fears.

Taking refuge in her music her subconscious mind summons up Israfil, who lives on the borderline of reality, enveloping her into a tumult of doubts and emotions. Jacob also becomes part of her new life and with him she rediscovers friendship and stability.

Meanwhile a colleague and professor friend of her grandmother’s who suspects she has a secret to hide disappears mysteriously, while unsettling events encompassing her English family’s past are unearthed plunging her into more challenges.

Torn between her passion for music, infatuation for the fascinating and ethereal Israfil and Jacob with whom she shares her teenage joys, gradually Michelle gets over the unsettling changes but has now to confront the confounding world of stirring emotions and strange events.

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