What if…

I opened my eyes and saw something that made no sense.

The window was right opposite me. That was not where it should have been.

I shut my eyes again and pulled the duvet up over my head to make sure I was blotting out the image properly.

I lay there stifling and breathless, trying to figure out if I was still dreaming. I was confident, well, sort of, that if I looked again, the window would be where it usually was, to the left of my bed.

Then another ridiculous thing happened. My brother walked into the room and yelled out, “Hey big sis get your ass out of bed.”

Typically, I would have responded with an equally rude rebuke. 

The hitch is I don’t have a brother…

I was by now nearly suffocating under the covers. Waves of panic swept over me, leaving me dizzy and nauseous.

I could feel him over me, ready to pull the cover off and reveal the absurd reality I was experiencing.

The next moment he was there, looking down at me with a smirk. His dark eyes dancing with humour, a lock of hair hanging over his pale forehead. Then he flashed me a smile and winked.

That was when another crazy thing happened. I fell in love with my own brother.

“Get up lazy. It’s your turn to do the laundry today. Mum keeps nagging at me to get it done. Go tell her we changed shifts last week.”

I felt totally exposed in a long tattered t-shirt that barely covered my upper thighs. Whose was it anyway? Where were my favourite baggy PJs? I barely nodded at this dark stranger, who promptly threw a pillow at me, followed by a pair of tattered jeans, which he picked up from the floor among other items strewn around haphazardly.

I looked gingerly around the messy room. The window had not budged, and everything about the place was wrong.

“What a mess,” I managed to croak.

“Guess you got to tidy your room and do the laundry,” the stranger replied, as he opened the door and walked out, leaving an open passage into the unknown.

©2019 Sonia Ferrigno