The Secret of Whistling Willow

When Freddie wakes up one cold February morning, and looks out of the window, he is in for a big surprise. The countryside of Whistling Willow village is completely covered in snow.

Not only is this the first time he has seen snow before, he just knows this is the ideal setting for him and his three best friends, to unravel the secret that has been shrouding the village for the past two hundred years.

This intrepid lad of nine, along with his pet dog Patch and his friends Sally, Pat and Betty lay out a plan at their secret hideout. The snow, along with the bright moonlight will help them reveal the identity of the age-long truant.

That night they lie and wait under the bridge on Willow river to find out why, only on full moon nights, an eerie whistle floats up from the river to haunt the peaceful village. What they discover they will never forget and will change their lives forever.

The four friends and Patch are about to make an incredible discovery and are in for many surprises. They will be confronted with mystifying characters and other life-threatening ones and will discover a new enchanting world of magic and horror.

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